Account Manager (Remote)

Headquarters: Boston, Massachusetts

We are looking for new members of our Account Management team to help companies learn about, buy, and be successful using our privacy products. You'll be joining our remote sales team dedicated to helping these companies improve the security, privacy, and safety of their employees.

About You
We are looking for people who have experience in or aptitude for sales, account management, or customer service roles working with online services and software products. This may mean that you have been in sales or customer service for a software company before, or that you are looking to build your career in this area and have a good feel for people and technology.If you have experience or interest in privacy and security products, all the better.More generally we are looking for people who are empathetic, so they can really understand what our customers need and help them get it. We are looking for people who have very strong communication skills so they can make complicated issues and situations simple for our customers. And we are looking for people who love helping people and who love to do so many times every day.

About the Job
Closing in-bound leads
You will respond to in-bound leads from companies interesting in learning more about our DeleteMe service. Primarily they will be interested in learning how we can help protect their employees and their business and you will be responsible for helping them understand the value of removing their employee information from data broker websites. You will guide them through the process of evaluating and purchasing DeleteMe licenses.
On-boarding new customers
You will be responsible for ensuring that each of your customers successfully deploys DeleteMe in their organization and that all of their employees are on-boarded with the help of our DeleteMe operations team. This will involve providing advice and options as your customers roll the service out, providing guidance on process, and monitoring adoption.
Managing existing customers
You will also be responsible for ensuring each of your customers renews, expands, and upgrades their DeleteMe service each year. Which means you will be in contact with them throughout the year, making sure they are successful, better understanding their needs and their organization, and helping them get more value out of DeleteMe over time.
You will do all of this by email and by phone.Helping us improveWe will measure your performance both quantitatively and qualitatively. That is, both by how much you get done and how well you get it done. This is so that we can help you do a better job for our customers as you learn and grow. We expect you to do the same for us. We will want you to translate what you learn by being the closest people to our customers so that we can build better products, deliver better service, and help more and more people being more secure and protect their privacy over time.

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Posted about 3 years ago