User Experience Designer
Agency360, LLC

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Headquarters: Indianapolis, IN

User Experience Designer
Agency360 was founded by a police officer, in 2006 to facilitate consistency in the field training process, build positive relationships between employees and their jobs, and help public safety agencies ensure they’ve got the right people in the right positions. From law enforcement, to EMS, to 911 dispatch, to private security firms hundreds of agencies with thousands of users are using Agency360 to streamline onboarding, improve retention, and increase both the accountability and efficiency of their organization.
We are looking for a remote or local part-time user-experience (UX) designer to join our highly rewarding help as we expand our product offerings and improve our existing industry leading solution. You will be responsible for working with our team to understand the business requirements and then translate that knowledge into wireframes, mockups, and prototypes that will continue to create an exceptional experience for our customers. 
You will play a critical role in designing our future development roadmap as you create a unified and exceptional user experience between the current and future products.  On a weekly basis you will work closely with our team or customers to iterate on designs based on feedback.  
This is a great opportunity to make a difference at a civic based, mission oriented company where your work can make a difference in local communities.  

  • Translate concepts into user flows, wireframes, mockups and prototypes that lead to intuitive user experiences.

  • Facilitate our product vision by researching, conceiving, sketching, prototyping and user-testing experiences for digital products.

  • Identify design problems and devise elegant solutions.

  • Make strategic design and user-experience decisions related to core, and new functions and features.

  • Take a user-centered design approach and rapidly test and iterate your designs.

  • Collaborate with other team members and stakeholders.

  • Ask smart questions, take risks, and champion new ideas.


  • Three or more years of real world UX design experience. Preference will be given to candidates who have experience designing complex solutions with forms and dashboards for B2B and B2G SaaS companies. 

  • Degree in a relevant field (HCI, computer science, graphic design, interactive design, etc.)

  • Expertise in one of the standard UX software tools such as Sketch, InVision, Balsamiq, or similar is a must. Basic HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript skills are a plus.

  • Ability to work with the Agency360 team multiple times a week to understand detailed requirements and design and iterate on complete user experiences that meet client needs and vision.

  • Extensive experience in using UX design best practices to design web applications, and a deep understanding of responsive design.

  • Ability to iterate designs and solutions efficiently and intelligently.

  • Be excited about collaborating and communicating closely with teams and other stakeholders via a distributed model, to regularly deliver design solutions for approval.

  • Be passionate about resolving user pain points through great design.

  • Be open to receiving feedback and constructive criticism.

  • Be passionate about all things UX and other areas of design and innovation. Research and showcase knowledge in the industry’s latest trends and technologies.

Why Work for Us? 

Serving a Greater Good
Do you want to help your community and have a positive impact on your public safety heroes?  At Agency360 we deliver next generation onboarding and evaluation software that helps local police officers, firefighters, EMTs, 911 dispatchers, jailers, and private security firms across the country.  You will be helping your local public safety employees! 
Provide Immediate Value
Do you like thinking of something in the morning and executing on it in the afternoon? At a small company you have the freedom to execute with limited bureaucracy and overhead.  
Remote Work
Agency360 is composed of individuals from all different backgrounds and locations across the country. We have flexible work hours and work locations to help you perform at your best and help deliver an exceptional experience to our customers.
Fun Family-Friendly Culture
To celebrate a big win or accomplishment, you’ll find us going out to eat, trying out an “Escape Room” or TopGolf, or having all-inclusive (spouse and children) outings and adventures. Corny jokes and funny ice breakers often kick off our meetings with laughter that we share with our customers.  Don’t be surprised to see a young child pop his/her head in during our team meeting video chats. 

To apply:

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