Content Marketing Manager

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Headquarters: Online
URL: is a WordPress based real estate web design company. We sell fully-featured real estate websites to agents, teams and small brokers across the USA and Canada.
Our primary product is called a 'Spark Site' - and our core value proposition is that our websites help our real estate clients to showcase what makes them special, demonstrate hyperlocal expertise, and offer loads of value to potential clients so that they can multiply the number of deals that they're closing.
We're currently publishing LOTS of content, which include high quality blog articles, videos (strategy videos as well as product updates) - and we have our own in house graphic design team and video editors. What we're lacking is someone that can help us to tie all of our efforts together so that we can make a massive impact through our efforts... perhaps that can be you? 
Here's what we're looking for:


Required Skills



If you think you're perfect for this position, please shoot us an email to let us know why (please include as much detail as possible, this is the most important part of your application. Please also include your resume and links to any content that you've created or managed, and at least one writing example. 

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