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Headquarters: Online
URL: is a WordPress based real estate web design company. We sell fully-featured real estate websites to agents, teams and small brokers across the USA and Canada.
Our primary product is called a 'Spark Site' - and our core value proposition is that our websites help our real estate clients to showcase what makes them special, demonstrate hyperlocal expertise, and offer loads of value to potential clients so that they can multiply the number of deals that they're closing.
We're currently publishing LOTS of content, which include high quality blog articles, videos (strategy videos as well as product updates) - and we have our own in house graphic design team and video editors. What we're lacking is someone that can help us to tie all of our efforts together so that we can make a massive impact through our efforts... perhaps that can be you? 
Here's what we're looking for:


  • Manage & Improve our Content Strategy - We are currently creating various types of content across various platforms, and need help tying everything together and getting the biggest and best 'bang' for our efforts - we need your help! At present, we're releasing the following content on a weekly basis:

  • 2-3 High Quality Real Estate Blogs per Week

  • 1 High Quality 'real estate strategy' video

  • 1-2 Product Update Videos

  • Brand Messaging - We are strong believers in the 'Storybrand' framework, and would like to work with you to further refine our one-liner and elevator pitch and ensure that we are using consistent messaging through ALL of various channels / platforms etc. 

  • Help us find find speaking opportunities (podcasts, webinars, conferences) for our ownership, and eventually yourself 🙂 

  • Manage ALL of our marketing efforts - which include

  • Drip Email Sequences

  • Facebook Ads

  • Google Ads

  • Instagram Ads

  • Lots of Remarketing / Retargeting

  • Measure performance across organic / non-organic channels - including periodic reports and meetings to discuss

  • Help us to continue to refine/improve our content based on data/metrics

  • Management of Content Production - Ensure that blog articles / videos are released according to an editorial calendar, and manage the people responsible for creating the content. 

  • Help us to create the 'big' content, like webinars or otherwise big events

Required Skills

  • 3+ Years in Content Marketing with some experience leading others 

  • Proven track record of content creation / promotion (we'll ask for examples)

  • Good under pressure / deadlines

  • Experience with remote team communication and project management platforms (such as Asana and Slack)

  • STRONG knowledge and experience with content marketing strategies and execution across major content syndication channels

  • And the most important skill - a person of ACTION. We have enough ideas, what we need is someone who can execute with the efficiency of a T-1000. 

  • Knowledge of SEO and how to research for keywords / evaluate our content strategy to ensure that we're creating content that can rank well / get more eyeballs... and ultimately help us to generate more business!

  • Fluent English / Grammar

  • SOME experience with the US or Canadian Real Estate Industry


  • Remote Work - Work from anywhere. Our hours are EST and we will expect at least 4 hours of overlap. 

  • Upward Mobility - We're growing fast, and there are lots of opportunities for career advancement

  • Bonuses - Big bonuses for high performance (which we measure through sales and/or positive reviews as a result of your efforts)

  • Our full support 🙂 


If you think you're perfect for this position, please shoot us an email to let us know why (please include as much detail as possible, this is the most important part of your application. Please also include your resume and links to any content that you've created or managed, and at least one writing example. 

To apply:

Posted 12 months ago