Devops Engineer with Node.js Experience

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Headquarters: Dundee, Scotland

Alitu is a web app designed to make it really, really easy to create a podcast.

What Does Alitu Do?
The user can upload a video or an audio file, and Alitu can process it to clean it up, add their audio branding, . We also provide a range of other features to allow the user to edit and arrange those files and create their final episode for publishing.

What are We Looking For?
We're looking for a Devops engineer, with back-end experience in node.js, to come on-board to take on regular work on the app and help us grow. If you're an audio geek too, even better – that's our core business – but video and media in general is also bread and butter for Alitu.
Our plans for the future are huge – we have a big list of features we want to get into the app, and we're confident we can double our user-base which is already significant. We need you to help us build a rock-solid, reliable tool for those users, and to work with us to build the new features that'll keep them excited.

Who is this for?
We're looking for someone with at least 2 year's experience in Devops, or a closely related field:

Core Skills
The abilities to learn and problem solve are more important than the exact skills you have. So, if you don't currently work with ALL of these, but you can show us you've learned similar quickly, then get in touch.

  1. AWS application management

  2. Devops engineering

  3. Node.js development

  4. Monitoring tools – Zabbix / Grafana

These skills are a bonus, but not necessary. Let me know if you have them.

  1. Experience in audio editing/encoding using ffmpeg

  2. Experience in video editing/encoding using ffmpeg

  3. Fargate and/or Docker for containerisation

  4. Jenkins for CI/CD

  5. Configuration management (Terraform, or similar)

  6. React Native (our front-end tech)

  7. RestAPI experience

How it Works

How to Apply
If interested, please send in your CV, and a cover letter which includes the following:

To apply:

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