Senior Build and Release Engineer

We are looking for a privacy-minded Quality Engineer to join the Anonos BigPrivacy team.This is an opportunity to join the Agile QA practice in our organization. As a member of our engineering team, you will interact closely with developers, DevOps engineers, and product managers while ensuring the continuing high quality of our state-of-the-art data privacy software.

You will also help coordinate the UAT activities for each monthly release (package the build, help business users perform UAT by helping them configure the environment, migrate test data and identify and report bugs).Our software is implemented primarily in Java and JavaScript (Node.js) and includes web applications, APIs, relational and non-relational databases (MongoDB, Cassandra, Redis) and Hadoop technologies. Integration testing efforts include popular platforms and applications like Docker, Kubernetes, AWS (EC2, RDS), Active Directory, and more.

We are a 100% remote organization. We use Slack and Zoom for communication, Ansible, TravisCI and AWS for CI/CD, and GitHub/ZenHub for tracking user stories. We work using the Kanban methodology, with monthly releases, and have regular backlog grooming meetings and retrospectives to try to continuously improve our processes.

Specifically for testing we are using JS frameworks: Jest for our Unit and Integration tests and Nightwatch for our End-to-End testing.

We are interested in speaking with exceptional people who can bring the following to the team:

  • Release Engineering - experience with packaging, deploying and testing a software system to prepare it to be released

  • UAT (both testing and assisting business stakeholders in performing UAT)

  • Experience with Agile Testing techniques

    • Exploratory Testing

    • Functional web automation (Selenium-based framework, using page-object model, defining robust identifiers)

    • Risk based testing

  • Experience with JavaScript test automation frameworks (e.g. Nightwatch)

  • Experience writing shell scripts and automating tasks outside of a framework

  • Extensive experience operating within an Agile process: short iterations, pull requests and CI/CD

  • Attention to test detail and documentation

Nice to Have:

  • Experience with Git, SQL and Unix commands

  • The Ansible automation framework

  • Working with the AWS EC2 service

  • Experience working remotely

Posted about 1 year ago