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Headquarters: Amsterdam

AppSignal is a product that helps software developers to fix errors in their web applications, improve performance, and more. We’re used by many thousands of developers around the world.
Our company is built on a strong foundation of vision and values. We spend time and effort developing and maintaining this. We prioritize impact over ego and status. We are open about our flaws and we constantly improve the way we work. We hope you too are relaxed, honest and down to earth. If you are excited by what AppSignal is building, you should definitely apply for this position.
AppSignal is a fast growing company. We’re fueled by profit, without leaning on venture capital. We’re here for the long run.

The role, responsibility and impact

AppSignal has a new position for a Support Engineer. Currently, our development team rotates support duties on a weekly basis answering technical, product and billing questions. This new role will help us improve a few things:
For this role, you’ll need to build knowledge about our product, the technology behind our product and the processes in place for onboarding, upgrades and billing. You’ll need (at least) a basic understanding of web development and programming concepts. You do not need to be a programmer yourself, but having experience writing code would be beneficial to the role.
This role has regular working hours in your local timezone.

Your responsibilities

You’ll be responsible for triaging 100% of the issues and (after training and onboarding) answering up to 75% of the questions yourself. These are the main parts of your work:

This is what you have to offer

This is what we have to offer

Welcoming company
We're a company of people from all sorts of education and backgrounds. Each with our own talents and flaws. But we would love to be even more diverse in thought and background. And more diverse in talents and flaws ;-)
We welcome people of all backgrounds, ages, genders and orientations to apply for this position. Join us if you value a company where you can feel safe, and work together with a team full of diverse ideas. We want you to feel that you make a difference by doing your best work, and that the rest of the team also sees and values that.

Why you'll love working with us

At AppSignal we don't only help developers, but try to be amazing in everything we do. From design, the blog, to code quality, to support, our upgrade policies and business operations.
If you love how we work together at AppSignal, you should apply. Though our salaries are competitive and we have some great perks, our vision and culture should be the primary reason you want to work with us, as opposed to money, status or power.

Applying from outside the Netherlands
For this role we prefer applicants to reside within the CET timezone. This is a remote job, but we occasionally meet in the Netherlands, so it’s preferred you reside at a reasonable travel distance (train journey or short flight, expenses covered).

To apply:

Posted 9 months ago