Senior Back-End Developer

Headquarters: Remote

Sr. Back-End Software Engineer (Java/test unit/Leading exp)Position: Back-End Developer Seniority: Senior Location: Latin America (Minimum of 6 hours of overlap with PST) Job Type: Permanent Annual Salary: USD50,000 - USD 80,000
Top Reasons Why You Want to Work for this Company:

  1. 100% Remote

  2. Make a difference in how underserved communities get financial help

  3. Be trusted to own, create and test your work

Type of Developer Needed:
They would love a person to research them, and ask tough questions about the domain, and how their company is run (this would show ownership). Candidates should also be passionate about building front ends. You need to be senior enough to bring an opinion, but not such a strong opinion that would across rude.

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Arc is changing the way the world works and hires remotely. Be a part of the world’s biggest vetted community of developers and let us do our job in finding quality opportunities for you. We’ll handle the “annoying stuff” (invoices, logistics and operations) and you can focus on what you do best. This is a remote position (of course) - since Arc is all about lowering the friction of remote work.

To apply:

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