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We are aThemes (, a WordPress theme shop and blog about WordPress with a strong existing backlink profile (DR 92 in Ahrefs).We are now looking for an SEO to join us to help us build white hat links. We do NOT want you to send hundreds of emails as part of a skyscraper campaign. The approach we want you to take is much more tailored.One of the main methods we would like you to use is competitor analysis. So using Ahrefs (which you should be very familiar with) you can check what backlinks are competitors are getting/have and see if we can get the same. For example, perhaps one of our competitors recently managed to get listed on the 'WordPress resources' page on another website - then maybe we can approach that same website and ask if we can get listed too.We expect this to be a long-term position as you will over time build up relationships with the business owners in this space (WordPress).Our goal is to build naturally 1 link per week, at least initially. As we already have a very high domain authority our focus is on acquiring only the highest quality links. We would rather you spend 10 hours a week getting 1 great link instead of 5 mediocre ones.Responsibilities- Perform competitor backlink analysis to see where our competitors are getting links from- Personalised outreach (you will be only be sending a handful of emails per week, but those emails should be carefully crafted and well thought out)- Come up with creative ideas for generating more links, e.g. creating new content/products- Bonus points if you also have an interest in technical SEO and/or keyword research, as these are other areas you could assist withRequirements- You should be very comfortable working on your own, without direct guidance - you should be the kind of person who doesn't need to be told what to do all the time- Experience with Ahrefs and other SEO tools- You have a deep interest in SEO and are aware of all the latest updates and goings on with GoogleYou will work directly with me, the founder, for the first few months at least as I want to make sure this is a good fit. We envisage this role will take 10-20 hours per week (but could be more).We are looking to pay in the range of $15 to $35 an hour. This position is fully remote, meaning you can work from anywhere in the world. To apply, please use the email provided and include a CV and quick cover letter explaining your experience and skills.  

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Posted almost 3 years ago