Chief Delegator - Seeking Tim Ferriss Level Delegator [FT or PT]

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Athena is looking to hire a world-class delegator, systems thinker and operator to be Athena’s Chief Delegator. You’ll be building the world’s most powerful library of delegation superpowers, enabling Founders and CEOs around the world to delegate 10x more. If you like creating leverage, this is the ultimate job for you. You’ll report directly to Athena’s founder (last company built is a unicorn, learn more Twitter / LinkedIn).
The role
You will design and operationalize Athena’s “delegation playbooks”. These playbooks unlock our clients’ ability to delegate expected things like inbox management, calendaring, and travel. But even more, they unlock creative and unusual delegations like having their parents receive “handwritten” notes from them every week, organizing entrepreneur dinners in every city they visit, planning surprise parties for their friends, tracking their daily goals, sourcing candidates for their business, tracking their diet, receiving bios every morning for the people they’ll meet that day, monitoring their online privacy, etc. We have a small number of playbooks we have already developed, but we have ideas for 100+ playbooks that will help our clients live better, work better and be better. These playbooks will help our clients delegate 10x more and, in the future, many of the playbooks will be turned into stand alone products under the Athena umbrella.
Your profile
You read The Four Hour Work Week and obsessed over how to build the same life for yourself. You’ve hired virtual assistants all over the world for various projects. You’ve built powerful and creative systems that help automate your life. You love building and optimizing processes and human machines.  You’ve started your own companies or consulting firms to generate cash flow. Your friends think you are crazy because you obsess over delegation, leverage, and process so much. In other words, you've lived on the client side of our business and you have experience delegating and coaching others to delegate.We are looking for a world-class delegator, so please apply if you are top 1% (you don't just emulate Tim Ferriss, you're on his level—or are even better). 
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Posted almost 3 years ago