Lead Copywriter

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Headquarters: San Juan, Puerto Rico
URL: https://www.athenago.com/

Athena is looking to hire a world-class writer and coach to be Athena’s Lead Copywriter. You’ll be writing content, editing key materials and helping build a system to make Athena’s brand and voice one of its key differentiators.
If you like creating a strong brand presence, this is the ultimate job for you.
The role
The Lead Copywriter is the point person for Athena's brand strategy and voice guidelines. They will also be responsible for writing content for clients and EAs and will help coach our employees to adhere to our standards.
What you will do
1. Develop and maintain our brand/voice guidelines at Athena
2. Draft new content for clients (e.g. newsletters, new pages on website, etc)
3. Draft new content for EAs (e.g. email templates) 
4. Polish/edit content produced by other teams (e.g. playbooks, training materials, etc)
5. Create a simple and consistent review process for all client-facing content 
6. Work with grammar coach to design and execute an English interviewing/coaching program for EAs (coaching skills)
7. Work with grammar coach to design and audit our English interviewing program
A successful candidate:
1. Has extremely polished editing skills. Able to edit and turnaround a v1 draft of any document and give a polished v2 quickly.
2. Able to write with clarity and succinctness and bring Athena’s brand voice to life.
3. Can coach others (EAs, playbook writers, trainers, etc) to improve their writing skills. 
4. Able to maintain a consistent voice for the Athena brand by owning the brand guidelines and the review and editing process. 
Location: Anywhere.
Time commitment: Part time; Can commit to 20+ hours/week for the first couple months.

To apply: https://forms.gle/4qvBzmXjxkLaputY9

Posted almost 3 years ago