Senior Software Development Engineer in Test
Aurora Solar

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Headquarters: San Francisco

We are looking for well-rounded software engineers with a passion for quality.  As a Senior Software Development Engineer in Test, you’ll own the quality of many features of the product and be accountable for testing strategy, implementation of both manual and automated test plans and test cases and their execution. You’ll be responsible for status communication throughout the software development life-cycle, advocate for our customers, and help deliver great value in terms of quality, usability, and functionality.
We are a diverse team based in San Francisco, passionate about advancing the growth of solar energy. If you are looking for a challenging and fulfilling role, come join us!
What you'll do:
What we value:
Application Questions:Please be sure to include the answers to the following questions in the "ADDITIONAL INFORMATION" box on the job application.  Incomplete submissions will not be reviewed. 

  1. Aside from writing code to develop automation test cases, how many years of coding experience do you have?  The experience should fall into the following categories - developing highly technical features for automation frameworks, developing utilities to support testing, or developing software applications

  2. What was one of the largest coding projects you've worked on?  In what capacity did you contribute to the project (development, test, both)?  What was a particularly challenging problem you had to solve?

  3. What are some of the biggest positive changes you've seen in test automation the past 5 years?

  4. How do you determine whether you should add an end to end test for a particular feature?

  5. What were the major features or enhancements have you developed for any automation frameworks?

  6. What is your strategy for using live data (instead of mocked data) to support automation test case development?

To apply:

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