Senior Software Engineer, Extensibility

Auth0’s mission is to help developers innovate faster. Every company is becoming a software company and developers are at the center of this shift. They need better tools and building blocks so they can stay focused on innovating. One of these building blocks is identity: authentication and authorization. That’s what we do. Our platform handles 2.5B logins per month for thousands of customers around the world. From indie makers to Fortune 500 companies, we can handle any use case. We like to think that we are helping make the internet safer. We have raised $210M to date and are growing quickly. Our team is spread across more than 35 countries and we are proud to continually be recognized as a great place to work. Culture is critical to us, and we are transparent about our vision and principles. Join us on this journey to make developers more productive while making the internet safer! Auth0 provides the simplest and most secure identity platform for developers to make the internet safer. We believe in crafted software, in end-to-end ownership of projects and hyper-fast iterations. The company continues to grow rapidly and services major startups and enterprise customers. We are processing hundreds of millions of logins for thousands of customers from startups to big organizations. We are looking for a Senior Engineer to join our Extensibility team to help us enhance our existing product and add new features. The Extensibility Engineer is responsible for solving complex challenges related to allowing customization in the authentication pipeline. As such, the team owns the core internal technology that allows Auth0 to execute untrusted customer code at scale in isolation--one of the first serverless or FaaS platforms that was built in the industry. You can read more about Auth0 Extensibility here.


    • Are remote-by-design. Work from anywhere, your office is The Internet (but we also have multiple physical locations around the world).

    • Obsess about delivering customer value. Everything we do assumes we only succeed if our customers do.

    • Trust and respect each other. Building a new product is like hacking a new path through the jungle. We’ve got your back. We expect the same from you. We respect our differences and use them to our advantage.

    • Hold ourselves to high standards. We take pride in work done well, and constantly push ourselves towards personal betterment.

    • Collaborate by nature. We believe a team is bigger than the sum of its parts.

    • Innovate through experiments, failure, and learning. Failure is part of our process, no blame attached.

    • Are transparent. We are making an explicit effort to share all data relevant to the making of better decisions. No politics.  

    • Bring passion to everything we do. Our common driver is trying to accomplish something meaningful.

You will:

    • Design, build, and maintain extensibility solutions for internal and external services

    • Debug production issues across multiple levels of our stack

    • Collaborate with high caliber engineers to build new features at large-scale

    • Improve the reliability, monitoring, and operations of our serverless platform

    • Refine engineering practices, standards, and tooling

You might work on:

    • Adding new extensibility points to our platform (think Rules and Hooks)

    • Enhancing the underlying technology for Auth0 Extensibility (Webtasks)

    • Creating new Auth0 Extensions that expand the capabilities of the product

    • Monitoring distributed systems that need to communicate well and maintain high availability

You might be a good fit for this role if you:

      • Have a history of developing and supporting intuitive and robust extensibility solutions

      • Are familiar with the challenges and approaches for designing interconnected, scalable systems

      • Take an iterative approach to development, dividing long-term goals into incremental milestones

      • Thrive in a fast-paced and collaborative environment

      • Have familiarity with the tools we currently use, such as Node.js, Docker, and AWS. (We always try to use the best tool for the job, and therefore regard general engineering skill over knowledge of a particular language or tool. That said, a majority of our existing codebase leverages Node and React, so some level of proficiency in those technologies is highly encouraged)

      • Have experience working in a global remote-first organization

      • Place a high value on security

It’s not expected that a single candidate has expertise in all these areas. We’re looking for professional engineers, who can quickly learn and adapt as our systems and situation changes, rather than candidates with a rigid skill set. You can learn more about our hiring process here.

Preferred Locations:

    • GMT-5; GMT-4; GMT-3; GMT-2; GMT; GMT+1

Auth0 is an Equal Employment Opportunity employer. Auth0 conducts all employment-related activities without regard to race, religion, color, national origin, age, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, disability, citizenship status, genetics, or status as a Vietnam-era special disabled and other covered veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law.

Posted 10 months ago