Product Designer


Axuall is an early-stage startup - we just closed our $3mm Seed Round - based in Downtown, Cleveland, and we're building a digital proof network for verifying credentials, identity, and authenticity.

These are Axuall’s early days - we’re looking for those who are interested in joining our team of talented and committed entrepreneurs, technologists, and industry experts to help us build something awesome together.

We're addressing a multibillion-dollar need to meet the demand for new delivery channels, products, and services in healthcare and other industries where proof matters. Axuall chose healthcare (where we have multiple committed pilots scheduled over the coming months) as our first market because it faces considerable challenges related to increasing practitioner shortages, delivery channel expansion, and the growing demands of an aging population. Together, these challenges drive the urgency to reduce the administrative burden on its practitioners, reduce delays in hiring, accelerate revenue capture, and improve access to care.


In this role, you will provide leadership and take ownership of the design, aesthetic, user experience and feel of Axuall’s product, collateral and encompassing brand. You will help us achieve our vision to simplify the credentialing process and create a product that our users love.

Posted about 3 years ago