Work on Computer Science focused Articles (remote, part-time)

We’re looking for an Engineer/Scientist to work on articles explaining core Computer Science concepts. 

First – you naturally need to have a CS background to base your work on, preferably with teaching.

Second, while the articles aren't focused on any particular language, they can be code-centric, so being in the trenches and able to code is instrumental. 

Finally – you need a solid command of the English language.

Definitely don't stop reading here :)

Budget and Time Commitment


Here are the typical budgets used by most authors:

Level 9

Level 10

Note that, from mid-June to October, due to COVID-19, we're working with an adjusted budget of -10% to -15% for all articles.

Once you get started, we have a lot more budget levels (the top level is 22), based on the quality of your writeups.


In terms of time commitment, a good target is one article every 2-3 weeks - but that’s very flexible (as long as our communication is good).

About the article (+ some examples)


We’ll usually pick articles out of the existing content calendar of the site (based on the areas you want to work in). You can also suggest your own topics as well (and get additional compensation for that).

Here are a few examples of topics:

Finally, you can also find the contribution guidelines on our site:

Posted about 3 years ago