FleetOps Engineer

On being a FleetOps Engineer at balena

At balena, we help our customers deploy and manage tens of thousands of IoT devices across the globe. The balena ‘fleet’ is extremely heterogeneous, with devices of many different types and architectures, and is constantly growing and evolving.

Coupled with a philosophy of support-driven development, our FleetOps engineers are the "special operations forces of support", often tackling the high-impact, high-complexity cases that affect the entire balena fleet.

A major focus of the FleetOps team is device reliability engineering, or helping to make device management safer for our users, which includes building tools and automating where possible. Examples of past FleetOps projects include: resinhup — our solution for managing host OS updates, and configizer — a solution we developed to more safely adjust on-device configuration remotely.

As a key member of the FleetOps team, you will be constantly alternating between reactive management practices (temporarily relieving customer friction) and preventative maintenance across the fleet. You won’t have just a single component to maintain, but instead you will work both on providing workarounds that can eventually be productized, and on making existing tools more robust and scalable. You will continuously seek new territory for what customers need in the short/medium term, and collaborate with product engineers to effectively handle the 'delta' between what the product is now and where it is heading.

You will actively contribute to product decisions with data from the field. Components like on-device metrics, monitoring, data visualization, and debugging are all common territory for the team. Things you work on today may become new capabilities in the balena platform tomorrow!



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Posted about 3 years ago