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Headquarters: Remote

Baremetrics is hiring a Content Marketer to head up all...wait for it...content marketing! You'll be responsible for establishing and executing a content marketing plan, continuing the work that's been done over the past 6 years of producing content that's read by, viewed by and listened to by hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs all over the world.
Baremetrics is a staple for content on SaaS analytics, startup transparency, remote work, marketing and growth, but much of that has been produced at an inconsistent pace. We're in need of someone who can make sure Baremetrics continues to be home for amazing content for many years to come.
You'll join our Head of Growth to expand the marketing team and help grow Baremetrics.Requirements

  • Deep interest in business topics like SaaS analytics, remote work, transparency, marketing and growth

  • Ability to distill complex concepts in to easy-to-read and interesting content

  • Basic audio and video editing skills

  • Knowledge of editorial-based SEO and marketing

Some things you'll be responsible for...

  • Establishing a long term content marketing plan and executing

  • Measuring and analyzing content marketing efforts

  • Producing weekly articles for the Baremetrics blog

  • Brainstorming content

  • Partnering with other publications and producing guest content for them

  • Repurposing podcasts and video content in to articles


  • Work from anywhere (we're 100% remote)

  • Minimum┬ávacation policy

  • Competitive salary ($60k-75k)

  • Bonus structure

  • Flexible work hours

  • Full health, vision & dental insurance for you and your family

  • Paid leave for major life events (birth, adoption, medical, etc)

  • Annual company meetups

  • Kindle Paperwhite + Unlimited Books

  • Monthly "remote stipend" that you can use for anything

To apply:

Posted about 1 year ago