Data-savvy customer support agent (SaaS)
Better Reports

Headquarters: Remote

Better Reports is looking for a data-savvy customer support agent to provide world-class support for our rapidly growing SaaS app.

About the company

Better Reports was founded in 2017.
We are a small team of highly effective individuals, distributed across the globe.
Our product is a data analysis & reporting SaaS app, trusted by over 2,000 businesses (and growing).
We are on a mission to provide the best tool for analyzing data that resides inside popular apps and APIs.
Our app is currently available on the Shopify platform and we are working hard on expanding to other platforms (such as Stripe, Quickbooks, Xero, etc...).
You can find out more about the current app for Shopify here: 

About the job

It is first and foremost a customer support role.
The majority of your time will be spent reading and replying to email queries from customers through our helpdesk tool.
Common customer queries include:
-Requests to create custom reports and custom formulas
-Investigating and explaining report results
-Requests about features, capabilities, pricing, refunds
On a less frequent basis, you may be required to:
-Write documentation about various features of the app
-Recording videos/screencasts to demonstrate functionality of the app that help answer specific customer questions
-Jump on phone/video calls with larger customers to educate and walk through various features (this is rare)


We value highly effective individuals who are passionate about their work.

-Analytical reading
You'll spend most of your time reading and replying to customer emails.
You must be able to read a customer’s email and figure out what they are asking, and not simply what they are saying.
-Intelligible writing
Your written English needs to be excellent. Beside correct grammar and spelling, you must be a clear, concise and intelligible writer. This skill is fundamental, not only to reply to customers, but also to contribute to our product documentation and communicate internally.
-Problem solving
You’ll frequently encounter requests for reports that haven’t come up before. You must be tenacious and consider all the different ways that you might be able to solve the problem and come up with an optimal solution.
-Love for data and numbers
While you don’t need extensive experience with data tools (see next item), you must have an affinity for slicing and dicing data. If you’ve never written an Excel formula or have never heard of SQL, this role is not the right fit for you.

Nice to have:-Proficient with data analysis tools such as Excel, SQL, Tableau, PowerBI, Google DataStudio or other similar tools. If you are familiar with any of those tools, you’ll be able to use our app effectively in just a few days.
-Experience with the industries of e-commerce / accounting / finance.
Most of our reports analyze orders, transactions, and other financial data. It would help if you were familiar with these domains.
-Good at recording screencasts
Our current documentation is lacking video tutorials and we need to record more of them. Not everyone is good at that.

Working remotely

-You must be comfortable working from home (or other remote environment), have a dedicated workspace, fast and reliable internet access
-You must be a self starter, proactive and be able to get things done with minimal supervision
-You are expected to be available and online during working hours (we communicate via chat a lot)
You are expected to communicate clearly and frequently.
Your writing skills will be put into practice daily to communicate internally and externally.
To compensate for the lack of face to face interactions, you are expected to over communicate and send frequent emails about your progress, suggestions, issues, questions, etc...

Compensation & working arrangement

Approximately USD 40K / year
Opportunity for growth as the company grows
At this time we are only able to provide employment status to people located in Australia. Non Australian residents will join our team as contractors and are responsible for paying their own taxes wherever they reside.

How to apply

Send your application by email to
-Include your resume and/or LinkedIn profile
-Write a few paragraphs. Tell us why you are applying for this role, tell us about yourself, your career, projects, goals, etc… Anything that you think might be relevant.
-Include a link to a 1-minute video (can be recorded through a webcam or your phone) introducing yourself and why you chose to apply to the role. (Do not join the video as an attachement to the email.)
We are looking forward to hearing from you!

To apply:

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