JavaScript Developer and Consultant

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Headquarters: Chicago, IL

ABOUT BITOVI:  Bitovi helps companies create better web applications.  

We have a track record of designing and building high-profile and amazing web applications through our active Consulting practice.  Our apps are built with tests, full docs and a deployment process in place. We created the open source tools powering the applications we build. 

Bitovi has been a pioneer in producing advanced JavaScript frameworks and tools for almost a decade. We develop and maintain several open source products such as CanJS, DoneJS, and StealJS to name a few.  
Our team is comprised of about 30ish developers and designers located around the US, Canada, South America, and the UK. This is a remote, full-time position.  Due to travel requirements, at this time we are seeking candidates in the US or Canada who are willing and able to travel.  Travel averages approximately 1 week every 6-8 weeks.
Our article, Hello Potential Bitovian sums it up very well (NOTE: a good short read for interested candidates!)

WHAT WE’RE LOOKING FOR:We are looking for highly qualified individuals with: 

  • A solid background in Modern Front End Development, including JavaScript frameworks 

  • 2+ years professional experience developing single page applications

  • strong communication and interpersonal skills who are comfortable interacting with clients

  •  a good understanding of Computer Science (CS degree, or equivalent knowledge is required)

We welcome diversity and non-traditional paths into the developer profession, and advocate strongly for hiring the right person as opposed to the right combination of tech keywords.

You’ll work with clients creating applications, discussing and designing architectures, reviewing code, and researching new front-end technologies. 
You’ll work with other Bitovians, helping us to advance, improve, and evolve our Open Source toolset. 

You’ll have the opportunity to shape a small and growing company by applying your talent and passion to the JavaScript community in your own way. 
We support the technical growth and development of our employees. We have an open and engaging community of skilled developers with whom you can collaborate and learn with.
Bitovians often:

We welcome individuals who enjoy identifying the hard parts of application development and simplifying them, talking about software architecture, and teaching others. We also want someone who can lead others and be an integral part of a team.
Specifically, the following attributes are major positives:

  • Has an eagerness to learn and execute in the “the right way”

  • Is open minded about development best practices

  • Has some experience with back-end systems and databases

  • Some experience contributing to or using open source projects

BENEFITS:Bitovians get a slate of great benefits. Bitovi offers:

  • Competitive salary and yearly bonuses

  • Bi-annual company retreats to places like Las Vegas, New Orleans, and Amelia Island, Florida

  • 401(k) plan with matching

  • 4 weeks of paid vacation

  • Health and dental insurance

  • LTD and Life Insurance

  • Gym membership reimbursement

  • Paid Maternity & Paternity leave

  • Working from home with flexible hours 

To apply:

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