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Headquarters: Chicago, IL

Join Bitovi and build enterprise apps the right way!  

Bitovi helps companies create better web applications.    
We are looking for candidates to help build complex and high-profile web applications within our consulting practice.  We guide our clients to build things the "right way": maintainable, scalable, tested, documented, etc.
Our developers are consultants who are knowledgeable and proficient communicators, and are able to help enterprise clients make the right decisions for their applications.

Hello Potential Bitovian sums it up well (short read!)
The Job
We are looking for an experienced, architect level candidate to run Node efforts for Bitovi.  The initial project assignment will be working on a project with a client in Chicago.
We want someone who enjoys identifying and simplifying the hard parts of application development, who loves to talk about software architecture, and can teach others.  We also want developers who can lead others and be an integral part of a team.
We are looking for a candidate with the following attributes: 
Specific technical experience:
Other Skills we value:
In addition to client work, you’ll have the opportunity to shape a growing company by applying your talent and passion towards an area of interest.  Bitovi developers:
Interested in applying to Bitovi? 
Write a resume and a thoughtful cover letter that shows us that you’re the kind of person we’ve described above, and apply via the link.
Focus on your past work and experience, and point us to some recent work (or your github account). If you have any specific salary requirements or other conditions, make sure to include those as well.


To apply:

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