UI Designer
Blissful Life Foundation

Headquarters: Vlodrop, Netherlands
URL: https://www.blissful-life.org/

 About Us

Blissful Life Foundation (BLF) is an incubator for new technologies and outreach opportunities for the worldwide Transcendental Meditation (TM) organization. Over the past 60 years, the Transcendental Meditation technique has been learned by more than 10 million people worldwide via personal instruction from tens of thousands of certified teachers. TM comes from the ancient Vedic tradition, which is also the source of Yoga and Ayurveda. The effectiveness of TM is validated by hundreds of peer-reviewed scientific studies and is increasingly being utilized by individuals, companies, NGO’s and governments to address the epidemic of stress and trauma faced by the world today (see, for example, David Lynch Foundation). BLF is a growing team of about 30 people distributed across American and European timezones, leveraging modern technology and management best practices to make TM more available to people everywhere. 
Job Summary

We are seeking a talented and passionate UI / Visual Designer to join our team to be responsible for driving visual experience across our new mobile app and other projects. You will be working closely with our product team and alongside a world class design agency, to launch and maintain a meditation and lifestyle application. As the UI / Visual Designer you will take part in and oversee a variety of projects and collaborate with members of cross functional teams to conceptualize, prototype and design usable, useful and beautiful user interfaces. This role is remotely based and reports to the team lead in the Czech Republic. 
About You

You are a customer focused, detail oriented, creative visual designer who tackles complex problems with deep brand awareness and refined aesthetics. You have experience with various digital initiatives and you’ve designed several mobile applications in the past. You can produce interactive prototypes and test them with users in a rigorous, data-driven way. You can demonstrate a command of usability and accessibility standards in partnership with visual and interface design principles. You have a broad experience and a deep understanding of people’s behaviour to recommend UX/UI features that solve customer needs.
Skills and Qualification
If you are passionate about this work but do not have all of the skills listed we are still interested in speaking with you and we encourage you to apply at https://blf.bamboohr.com/jobs

To apply: https://blf.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=27&utm_source=weworkremotely

Posted about 3 years ago