Engineering Manager
Bold Penguin

We didn’t create Bold Penguin because commercial insurance is broken. It isn’t. But as the world has gotten more connected and digitized, commercial insurance lags behind—creating a fragmented landscape where businesses, agents, and insurance companies struggle to interact in a smooth and easy way. That’s why we’ve built a highly efficient exchange that cuts the friction out of commercial insurance by connecting everyone to the right quote in record time.

Powering the world of insurance is no small feat, so we’ve brought on a team that's not only incredibly talented, but also passionate about our potential to upgrade the entire industry. As more and more companies big and small depend on our technology to operate in the commercial insurance space, we’ll need the best talent all around to support our growth. That’s why we’re looking at you (yes, you!) to make a bold move and join our adventure.

About the Role

Engineering Managers work as part of a cross-functional product team to build & launch products that remove the friction from commercial insurance. You’ll lead and manage a team of first-class software developers that will rely on you to ensure their decisions and work have the full support of the company.  Your users will be commercial insurance agents and insurance carriers who will use your work every day to efficiently provide commercial insurance for small business owners. 

What You’ll Do

Skills & Qualifications

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Posted over 3 years ago