Data Scientist
Brightfield Group

Position Overview:

Our tech team is looking for a data scientist with excellent communication skills and demonstrated experience writing idiomatic Python code. You’re comfortable fielding a question from a non-technical stakeholder about our dataset and then putting together a data visualization with the answer. You’re also ready to troubleshoot a bug in one of our existing ETL scripts and make a pull request with a detailed write-up of the fix. We use Google BigQuery, PowerBI, spaCy, pandas, Airflow, Docker.

The right candidate has experience with the Python data science stack as well as one or more BI tools such as Tableau or PowerBI, and is able to juggle competing priorities with finesse. Working in a fast-paced, flexible, start-up environment; we welcome your adaptability, curiosity, passion, grit, and creativity to contribute to our cutting-edge research of this growing, fascinating industry.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Query and transform data with Standard SQL and pandas

  • Build BI reports to answer questions of our data

  • Work with our data engineering team to munge large datasets using our existing data pipelines for our existing BI reports

Qualifications & Skills:


  • 1-3 years of experience working full-time with Python for data science; we use pandas, scikit-learn, and numpy

  • Intermediate-to-expert level SQL experience; we use Standard SQL

  • Experience with one or more natural language processing frameworks; we use spaCy.

  • Excellent communication skills and demonstrated ability to collaborate with non-technical stakeholders to create compelling answers to tough data questions

  • Intermediate-to-expert level skills with one or more interactive business intelligence tools like PowerBI or Tableau


  • Experience with CI/CD tools like CircleCI; we use GitHub Actions

  • Experience with Docker

  • Experience with Airflow


  • Choose your own laptop

  • Health Insurance

  • 401K

Posted about 1 year ago