Software Engineer - Integrations Team

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Headquarters: Berlin

About your role
One of ChartMogul's engineering challenges is building and maintaining integrations with third-party billing services our customers rely on to get the most value out of our software. As we grow, we want to build more integrations to generate more insights for our customers in addition to improving the integrations we have already developed.
The Software Engineer - Integrations will be responsible for building and maintaining integrations with ChartMogul. It's a position with end-to-end responsibility to design, build, launch and support integrations, alongside other Software Engineers and in collaboration with Product Management. 
We have ambitious plans for our Integrations team, so you will work in a supportive and highly-skilled team who are driven by delivering quality integrations and create value for our customers!
This is a full-time remote position.

What will you be doing?

  • Developing full-lifecycle integrations, collaboratively with Software Engineers in the Integrations team

  • Developing code and documentation of new product features and functionality

  • Designing, coding, and debugging applications (Ruby & Go)

  • Unit & Integration Testing and participating in peer/code reviews of other team members’ work

  • Conducting code, requirements, software review, and software reliability analyses

  • Regularly collaborating with the Product Management team to develop and revise timelines and clarify requirements

  • Supporting Sales and Customer Success by providing technical assessments

  • Monitoring & evaluating existing systems to ensure reliability and accuracy

  • Proactively identifying areas for improvement and iteration in the integrations ChartMogul offers

  • Maintaining and implementing new features in existing integrations

  • Continuously improving the codebase, making it more elegant, stable, and improving coverage 


Team Members
Colleagues:  Petr, Hassan, Ishan, Marvin

Sounds interesting? Here’s what we’re looking for:


  • You have 4+ years of experience in software engineering

  • Knowledge of Ruby and Go. 

  • Good knowledge of the fundamentals of software development – modular design, data modelling, decomposition of problems, computational complexity understanding, refactoring, and able to select the right paradigm for a task.

  • You’re super comfortable working with REST APIs

  • You’re comfortable using tools like Git, Docker, BASH

  • Exposure to e-commerce, invoicing, billing systems, or subscriptions


  • Experience working as a remote Software Engineer

  • Speaking English fluently

  • Timezone UTC+0 to UTC+6


  • Passionate about programming. You know how to run code, not just write it. 

  • Keen to learn new technologies and practices

  • You’re always up for pairing and tackling problems with your colleagues

  • Eager to learn, contribute to design and architecture decisions, and inspire change

What is it like to work at ChartMogul?

  • You’ll join the adventures of an early stage company and experience what it means to have a job that’s incredibly impactful

  • You’ll become part of a team of nice, awesome and highly dedicated people that all have the same mission: Helping companies to build better businesses.

  • You’ll receive a great salary pack (market or upmarket).

  • Flexible working hours and arrangements

Please note, we are not accepting applications from U.S. residents at this time

To apply:

Posted about 1 year ago