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Hello future Lifecycle Content Marketer!
Here at Clearbit, our mission is to be the Growth Engine that helps push the edge of what's possible in marketing and sales. We build data-driven products that enable businesses to generate demand, act on intent, drive conversions, and retain and expand their customers. Today, Clearbit powers more than 1,500 B2B SaaS companies, including Asana, Segment, and Atlassian.
This belief in meaningful growth extends to our employees. We invest in personal and team growth, valuing constructive feedback, and emotional intelligence. We aim to maintain a working environment of psychological safety, where vulnerability is not a weakness, so that it's easier to take creative risks, re-define what’s possible, and grow into the best version of yourself. Your teammates will push you to grow (kindly) and ask for the same in return. 
2020 is an exciting time to join Clearbit. We're growing rapidly across the company, and are on track to double revenue for the third straight year. Going into this next phase of growth, we’re focusing heavily on maintaining our cultural values, training our managers into the greatest  in the world, and having fun while we do it. 
About the role
We're looking for a creative marketer, clear writer, and sharp editor to help Clearbit communicate value to its customers, prospects, and the world — from developing Clearbit company and product narratives to creating resources to help busy marketing and sales teams thrive at their jobs. 
Content at Clearbit is not driven by eyeballs, which is, let's face it, a little gross. We want to connect with the brains and emotions of actual, whole people — to educate and inspire, make them go "aha!" and go work on something they read about. To do so, you'll be creating collateral around how to do better sales and marketing using data to be more relevant — and otherwise working with content as a living, changing product rather than a factory assembly line.
As a Lifecycle Content Marketer, you’ll work closely with our Head of Content and be part of our scrappy growth team. The team works across 5 realms — conversion, analytics, demand, product marketing, and content — which led to the idea that we're like a Captain Planet team, with different expertise areas coming together to create great work. Content is Earth — creating foundational resources to help us grow. Learn more about the growth team here.
Here's an idea for some of the things you'll be doing:
What will you bring to the table?

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