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Headquarters: New York City

Clevertech is looking for someone with an innate intellectual curiosity and great people skills to join our fully remote team as a Project Coordinator.
We are looking for a team member to help us delight clients and produce success for our client projects. How? By being sensitive to and understanding client concerns and coordinating effective responses with members of the product development team. Your day will consist of working across several teams, attending daily stand-ups, assisting in the management of client expectations, working directly with clients as needed in regards to project features and functionality.
Our vision at Clevertech is to provide enterprises a world-class development team that executes on their most ambitious goals. Your demeanor, tone, and professionalism are the public face of Clevertech’s services. Attention to detail, being quick on your feet to problem solve, and superb communication skills are highly desired.

You have a consistently positive attitude and are interested in learning new things. Excellent communication, analytical, and interpersonal skills are your best strengths. Being friendly isn’t enough. Prioritization and organization are also key factors for success in this role.
Experience Required:

Key Qualities:

Our Benefits
We know that people do their best work when they’re taken care of. So we make sure to offer great benefits.

How We Work
Why do people join Clevertech? To make an impact. To grow themselves. To be surrounded by people they can learn from. We are truly excited to be creating waves in an industry under transformation.
True innovation comes from an exchange of knowledge across all of our teams. To put people on the path for success, we nurture a culture built on trust, collaboration, and personal growth. You will work in small feature-based cross-functional teams and be empowered to take ownership.
We make a point of constantly evolving our experience and skills. We value diverse perspectives and fostering personal growth by challenging everyone to push beyond our comfort level and try something new.
The result? We produce meaningful work

Getting Hired
We hire people from a variety of backgrounds who are respectful, collaborative, and introspective. Members of the tech team, for example, come from diverse backgrounds having worked as copy editors, graphic designers, and photographers prior to joining Clevertech.
Our hiring process focuses not only on your skills but also on your professional and personal ambitions. We want to get to know you. We put a lot of thought into the interview process in order to get a holistic understanding of you while being mindful of your time. You will solve problems derived from the work we do on a daily basis followed by thoughtful discussions around potential fit. Whatever the outcome, we want you to have a great candidate experience. Learn more about our hiring process.

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