Software Quality Engineer [100% REMOTE]

What You Will do:

  • Seamlessly transition in and out of projects to offer your short term expertise on difficult problems.

  • You’ll partner and interact with senior-level management/executives and senior technical teams

  • Interface with clients and team meetings to help improve the agile flow of a project.

  • Use your strong interpersonal and relationship development skills to help a team balance product requirements, manage client expectations, and produce effective results.

  • You’ll listen deeply to client needs and translate them into clear technical requirements

  • You’ll travel occasionally, but only for things that really matter.

  • You will review code and continually push standards higher, every day.

  • You will code yourself to assess and mitigate the most technically challenging parts of the project

  • You will be able to juggle consulting on multiple projects either at one time or for a short term in a row while staying calm and highly productive and efficient

  • This role will most likely need to put in 50 hour weeks in order to effectively manage these demands.

What is Required:

  • You have experience as the lead on projects with budgets ranging from $1M to $3M

  • You have consulting experiences with the unique nature of listening deeply to client concerns being able to effectively lead solutions on team projects

  • You are a mix of product leadership, project leadership including agile kanban boards, and technical architecture leadership

  • 7+ years experience with software development with a variety of programming languages (please share your experiences w/these languages in your application)

  • Experience leading cross-functional development teams in building and maintaining custom software solutions

  • Strong understanding of the agile software development process

  • Available for 6 hours overlap with the EST time zone.

Characteristics of a Clevertech Software Quality Engineer

  • Tact - being able to speak respectfully to everyone at every level, regardless of competence, seniority or accomplishment. There is also a sense of what is appropriate to say or do at a given time. This will build trust with clients and peers and give you the ability to seamlessly move in and out of various projects.

  • Being able to abstract. If you have an abstract understanding of something, you can explain it at all levels and in different contexts, using the experience or role of the audience to inform what metaphors might be used or if they are even necessary.

  • Humility - this enables you to take responsibility and set your ego on the shelf when working with other bright people.

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