⚡ Rockstar Client Success Manager Needed For Our Canadian Digital Agency & Software (25+ Clients)
Client Nurture System

Headquarters: Toronto
URL: http://clientnurturesystem.com

Client Success Role:

About us: Client Nurture System helps established realtors maintain consistent contact with clients by placing their existing database of contacts into our 10+ year touchpoint texting system. 
We are so successful at what we do, that we guarantee 1 listing or referral (Worth $15,000) provided the realtor has at least 80 past clients.
Since their clients never forget them, they never forget to refer their friends or ask questions about the market.  This results in 6.5 new referrals/listings extra on average per year for them :) We use a combination of soft touchpoints (Birthdays, home anniversaries, holiday messaging) and real estate touchpoints like custom CMA’s, referral forms and more)

About Adam Estrela: Serial entrepreneur who has built multiple successful companies and spent 3 years as the director of accounts at the largest digital agency in Toronto. He founded Client Nurture System 3 years ago and has quickly grown it to one of the major players in the real estate technology space. We are on pace to reach 100 accounts by 2024.
The PROBLEM in full transparency (Why we need an account manager)

Problems and frustrations with last AM


Our training Process

Adam doesn’t expect you to dive head first into meetings right away. In addition, he will make sure that you can build rapport and get to meet our clients before a portion are handed off to you. 

Here is how we will ease you into our processes:
1st month
2nd month
3rd month
4th month
5th month ++

Rough overview of the role:

Before Meeting (10 Minutes)

Team Deliverables


  1. Ensure items to be discussed are prepared in advance (In order from beginning to end)

  2. Ensure the roadmap is up to date and presentable

  3. Double check all items are in order 

During Meeting (1 Hour)

  1. Greeting over zoom and answer any questions (Max 5-10 minutes)

  2. Start with calendar to show timelines, discuss what we are going over in meeting and why it's important for the project

  3. Finish each whimsical item 1 by 1 (Making notes in whimsical or Clickup as you go)

  4. Customize text wording with client and launch flows

  5. Book the next meeting live on the call

  6. If items are needed from client, immediately fill out the homework SMS automation to send auto reminders to clients about homework items we need from them

Post Meeting (15 Mins)

  1. Immediately assign items to be completed by backend team (Loom videos if necessary)

  2. Email the client with any items needed for homework (if applicable)

Client Variables
We use our software platform Sales Tool pro for the majority of our backend work. 
I don’t expect you to know how to technically manage this software (we have a team for the actual launches) 
But I do expect you have a high emotional intelligence and a general idea of what our realtor clients would see as a natural text message E.G (For a birthday text, it shouldn’t be “Happy birthday {{Contact.name}} but rather “Mr. client, here are some templates that work, how would you write the message? Should we add an emoji here? That feels a bit robotic, why don’t we write it this way? etc.)
Technical Software used:
* You will be trained on the specifics of each platform and how we use them. However, you must be extremely comfortable with technology.
Role Requirements Summary:
⚡ Expectations & Pay⚡ ** Important**  4 Hours/Day ($4,000/Mo USD - $1,000/Week - $200/4 Hours - 80 Hours/month $50/Hour) + Uncapped Account Management Bonuses 
You will  always know your upcoming week’s schedule in advance. This allows you to properly budget your time for the upcoming week. 
Time is split 3 ways: 1. Prepping meetings 2. Doing meetings 3. Communicating deliverables to backend staff 
At 4 hours a day, this is a flex hours work from home position. Additional hours based on performance and bonuses based on # of accounts managed
Since you are expected to work 4 hours a day,  you may have a side project or another flexible work schedule, but we would love to grow you into full time :)
You will be receiving a % portion of your clients total account spend in addition to your regular pay at different percentages depending on your part time / full time roles and responsibilities.
Please do NOT apply if you are not comfortable in a fast growth environment!
Looking forward to a Zoom meeting and meeting you!! 🙌

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/client-nurture-system-rockstar-client-success-manager-needed-for-our-canadian-digital-agency

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