Accountability Coach | Productivity Concierge for entrepreneurs and small biz owners
Commit Action

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Headquarters: New York, NY

We offer:Unparalleled freedom and flexibility (work full time from home!)
Executive Accountability Coach | Productivity Concierge 
Commit Action is a growing software AND human-services startup. We work with entrepreneurs around the world to help them become the highest leverage, most productive versions of themselves possible. We solve a problem of increasing isolation and distraction that causes a struggle to stay task-focused for small business owners. 
Our service is a hybrid of productivity software and human-powered expert accountability coaching, delivered by our highly trained “Accountability Coaches" who act as personal trainer for productivity and concierge for our client’s to-do lists. Our proprietary web app manages and streamlines the coach's relationship with our clients. We work with our clients to set powerful goals, track and measure their performance and push them to execute on their dreams. We’re constantly testing and deploying exciting new tech in the growing space of human-powered, software-enhanced services!

Job Description 
Our Accountability Coaches serve as a close personal advisor to our clients. They can be thought of as Project Managers for our entrepreneur clients, in which the “project” is the personal day-to-day effectiveness of the client themselves. Our coaches will guide the client--using our proprietary methodology and software--to clarify and set meaningful goals in their lives and business. 
Specifically, the role includes: 
 • Speaking with Commit Action Inc’s clients each week over the phone 
 • Collaborating with clients to optimize their task-lists and project plans 
 • Building strong connection and relationship rapport with a range of diverse people 
• Having detailed conversations with business owners about the tactical specifics of their plans
• Sticking closely to a rigorous (but self determined) schedule 
 • Utilizing our proprietary (user-friendly) task management software platform 
• Following up with and maintaining relationships with clients via email and company SMS 
• Working remotely and independently as a reliable self-starter 

Currently we are only hiring coaches who are located in the continental United States or Canada. We require our team to create their own schedule in a fixed timezone that they can stick to long-term. (Nomads need not apply, sorry!) 
The Accountability Coach position is entry level – no experience is required and we provide all training. The job is initially offered as a full time contractor position with salaried positions offered to top performing A+players . 

The Team
Commit Action was founded by Peter Shallard – a renowned business psychology expert. The company is made up of client facing “coach” team members, and customer support and technical (software engineering, marketing etc) who all work remotely.  Our executive HQ and founder are located in New York City and we offer our team of Accountability Coaches extraordinary flexibility, freedom to set their own schedule and to work from home
We are dedicated to our mission: Helping entrepreneurs be the highest leverage version of themselves possible. 
To that end, we provide a comprehensive on-the-job training program for our Accountability Coach team, including training in our specific coaching methodology and in the business vocabulary and conceptual frameworks required to work with our entrepreneur client demographic. 
Culturally, we a are small but fast growth bootstrapping startup that believes in the importance of a “Work Hard and Go Home” principle. We encourage our team to find healthy balance and develop hobbies outside of work itself. We’ve created our Accountability Coach role to appeal to people looking for huge freedom, location independence and personal life flexibility - many of our coach team are actively pursuing personal passions in addition to their full time roles with us. 
 • Undergraduate degree 
 • Demonstrating pro-active growth through goal accomplishment 

 • Psychology, Business, Marketing, Finance or equivalent undergraduate degree 

Soft skills: 
• Extraordinary people skills 
• Hungry to learn and practice new skills 
• Quick thinking skills and ability to rapidly solve problems in real time
• Have a keen interest in small business and entrepreneurship 
 • High levels of discipline and conscientiousness - demonstrating the values of personal productivity our company represents

To apply:

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