Professional Explainer Who Codes Well

About Conducto

Conducto enables developers and data scientists to write, execute, visualize, and debug pipelines. We strive to empower users to go from pipeline idea to massively scalable and easily debugged execution with minimal friction. Conducto works equally well for quick exploratory data science research pipelines and mission-critical production devops pipelines. It scales seamlessly from a handful of tasks to millions. Almost every developer and data scientist needs to create pipelines, and we believe that no currently available tool solves that problem as generally or elegantly as Conducto.

The predecessor to Conducto powered billions of dollars in revenue with a small team. We succeeded because we built a team of technically strong, driven generalists who were excited to solve challenging problems. We have re-created that dynamic with our core team at Conducto, and are excited to grow the team.

Why a Professional Explainer

Conducto began as an internal tool. Coworkers taught each other how to use it, and there was never any formal documentation. Once people saw it in action, they immediately understood how powerful it was and were eager to try it out.

We want to replicate that experience with the wider developer community, using any means of communication that will help. GitHub, StackOverflow, blogs, videos, API documentation - if it will help teach users how to use Conducto, we need it.

On the engineering side, we constantly work to make the tool as simple to use as possible. We need someone to take the last steps and ensure that the whole learning experience is as clear as can be.

Who we're looking for

Our ideal candidate is a very strong communicator. You can demonstrate this in many ways, including:

Technical expertise is also very important. We want someone who:

Most of all, we want someone who understands the balance between being precise enough to be useful, and clear enough to be understandable.

To apply

Please submit your resume along with any supporting material, like a portfolio or links to previous work. We will be interviewing a small number of candidates whose work looks compelling.

Posted 11 months ago