Cloud Native Engineer
Container Solutions

About the roleAs a Cloud Native Engineer, you’ll be in charge of shaping solutions for companies in the midst of both an organizational as well as a technological transformation. Working in small, self-managed teams, you’ll guide our clients towards creating and automating their cloud infrastructure. We are a vendor-agnostic company, meaning that you will get to apply a diverse mix of tools and services. You can work from home, only traveling to our Berlin office for 2-3 days per month. However, as a part of the job, the cooperation with our customers will require you to travel to their offices when needed.What's in it for you?Our biggest benefits are our people and our culture. We offer a diverse work environment where people are respected for who they are and a culture based on learning, trust, and collaboration. Our homely Berlin office is conveniently located in the center, within walking distance from Großer Tiergarten. You can also count on: Budget and time for learning, personal development, certifications, and contributing to open-source projects A competitive salary (aligned with your experience) Full coverage of travel and commute Unlimited books budget 27 days of paid leave Possibility to work from homeWhat does it take?We often build tailored, innovative solutions within complex and ambiguous environments. Therefore, having an inquisitive mind and the eagerness to explore is vital. On top of that, consulting with clients, which depends on asking the right questions and crafting solutions as a team, requires strong collaboration and communication skills. Must-have technical skills Background in development and/or operations An understanding of best practices and patterns in software development  Infrastructure provisioning (such as Terraform, Ansible, Cloud Formation, etc) Experience with CI/CD (knowledge of the principles and ability to set up a pipeline from scratch)  Experience in either public or private cloud Understanding and exposure to KubernetesNice-to-haveWe offer engineering roles at different levels of seniority. These are some attributes that could make you a candidate for more senior positions: A deep and demonstrated understanding of distributed systems, including containerized microservices and highly scalable web applications Advanced (admin-level) knowledge of Kubernetes in production A passion for the community (attending events, advocating cloud technology via meet-ups and conferences, or writing blog posts and other pieces of content) Coaching and mentoring junior engineersHow to ApplyDrop us your CV and tell us, briefly, why you are applying. If we think you have what it takes, here’s how we will proceed: We will first contact you to check some of the basics through a video chat. If you feel like you’d like to get to know us better, before entering the rest of the evaluation process, you are welcome to have lunch with us and chat with one of our engineers. Firstly we would like to assess your critical thinking skills, attention to detail, problem-solving skills and in general your ability to learn and then use new information in a short period of time. The next step is a technical challenge, which allows us to asses the must-have technical skills. The technical challenge is followed by an online personality assessment and interview. This measure enables us to discuss how you see yourself on a day-to-day basis and within the workplace. A final stage is a structured panel interview with the engineering team to evaluate how well you are able to work collaboratively and to assess your technical decision-making skills. If all goes well, we will extend you an offer, starting with a permanent contract with 3 months of probation.

Posted about 3 years ago