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A core part of Conversocial’s culture is focusing on what matters; often times this means keeping it simple. A job spec that sounds like a Harvard Business Review article? No thanks! How about we just speak to you like a human and tell you what we really need and what you really want to hear! 
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About Conversocial
What We Do
Conversocial helps brands develop meaningful relationships with their customers at scale. With the shift to digital, brands have lost touch with consumers, who have just become a series of clicks and data points. There is now a disruptive opportunity to build real 1:1 relationships with consumers by tapping into the unique nature of messaging, the fastest growing method of communication. Our mission is to use advanced software and intelligent automation to simplify the way the world communicates.  Conversocial works closely with hundreds of forward-thinking brands such as Google, Sephora, T Mobile and Alaska Airlines, helping them embrace messaging and shift to a Conversational Customer Experience. Conversocial has offices in New York and London as well as distributed team members across the Americas and Europe.
How We Do It 
We are laser focused on accomplishing our mission and how we achieve that mission is just as important to us. We operate within a culture of these key behaviors:
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