Full Stack Engineer (React & Node.js)

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Headquarters: San Francisco & World
URL: https://crowdcast.io/

Who we are 

Crowdcast is the virtual events platform for businesses & creators. Every month over 4,000 events go live (& growing) ranging from Q&As to workshops, live shows, meet-ups, webinars, online concerts, & online summits. Our customers range from big companies like Adobe, IBM, Twilio, & HP to creators like Mos Def, Amanda Palmer, MIA, System of Down & Jacob Collier. 

We believe technology can be used to bring people together & bridge divides. We're empowering people to share their ideas at scale, bring their communities together, and make a living in the process. 

We're a profitable, remote-first, and long-term thinking company. You could say, we're a zebra company. 

Who you are 

You get a kick out of imagining what's possible and then realizing it through code. You have a not-so-secret obsession with solving complex problems. You're aware that your job isn't done when that code gets deployed. You have high integrity, are self-motivated, and a life-long learner. You're not afraid to dive into uncharted territory and are open to updating your opinions based on new information. You communicate thoughtfully and grasp ideas easily. You're constantly pushing yourself to grow and become the most authentic & full expression of yourself. 
You've spent years refining your web development skills and now want to do work that truly makes a positive impact on the world. You're looking to help build a company that's directly empowering people while being profitable and sustainable. You balance creating impact today with long-term goals and want to play a key role in an early team. You're looking to build a team & culture that you're proud of. 

What you'll do

Your skills & experience

Benefits & Perks

Crowdcast is an equal opportunity employer. We value and celebrate how you identify, who you love, the color of your skin, your age (at heart and on paper), the gods you do or don't believe in, and every other belief and characteristic that makes you uniquely YOU. The more inclusive we are, the better we — and our work — will be. _____________________________________

How to apply 

Fill out the quick form here →
Reach out even if you don't think you're fully qualified, we may still have a position for you. 


To apply: https://airtable.com/shr9NpDR8rynsv1rM

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