Full-Stack Engineer for Medical Research

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Headquarters: San Francisco, CA
URL: https://web.curebase.com/home

Help build the future of medical research with Curebase. Traditional clinical trials are slow, expensive, and non-diverse. We use software to enable any patient and any doctor to contribute data to medical research and reinvent an entrenched industry.
What you'll do: As an early hire and engineer, you'll play a critical role in planning and building the future of our company. You will:

  • Develop new features for our patient, doctor, and research users

  • Collaborate directly with our health system and biomedical partners

  • Ensure excellent security, user privacy, and regulatory compliance

  • Make key decisions about architecture and technology selection

Our technical stack is built on Javascript, React.js, Flowtype, Express.js, GraphQL/Apollo, and AWS/Terraform. We currently have 4 people on our engineering team (3 Software Engineers and the CTO).
Ideal qualifications include:

  • Self-motivated and takes initiative

  • Mission driven to improve lives in meaningful ways

  • Track record of pursuing engineering excellence at every opportunity

Nice-to-haves include: Interest in healthcare, experience building quality web applications, and experience in one of our current skill gaps (infrastructure, data reporting/business intelligence, database management)

To apply: https://jobs.agave.com/curebase/cd7cba90-1336-4048-99ca-350f1deb98bc

Posted about 1 year ago