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Headquarters: Chicago, IL

The Android Team

Current’s mission is to allow people throughout the world to turn data into dollars. Our Android team is responsible for building all the functionality our users see. 

In addition to building features that our users love, there are a few behind-the-scenes projects currently in progress. We are…
The whole engineering/product team works in a typical agile setup. The team operates on 2-week sprints, with the usual planning and retrospective meetings. The Android team is increasing release frequency to weekly (currently bi-weekly).

The team varies between working collaboratively and independently. We want everyone to feel encouraged to take a feature from idea through development and post-release all on their own. But, some problems are best solved together, in which case pair programming, whiteboarding sessions, and discussions are frequent.We have 15 engineers out of roughly 28 people in total. The team is distributed between our HQ in Chicago, and various other cities and countries around the world (including Mexico, California, Argentina, and Croatia). Our 5 Android engineers work in Chicago, Mexico and Vietnam.


We rely heavily on the following technologies:

Role Expectations

You’ll be joining the Android team, working on one (or more!) of the key product areas. The specific projects will vary each sprint. As a member of the backend team, you’ll find yourself...
We are looking for multiple senior-level engineers to join the team.

We'd love to talk with you if…

Bonus points if…

If you have any of these, please mention these in your application!

Interview Process

The interview process is normally a 30-minute phone interview, a 1-hour technical design and culture fit interview, and a 2-hour technical interview. For the final interview, we will send you a product brief 24 hours beforehand to review and prepare an implementation plan. During the interview, we will review your plan together and ask you to implement a part of it in a shared coding editor. 

To apply:

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