Senior UX Designer
Current Media

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Headquarters: Chicago, IL

About Current

Current is the first streaming platform that pays you, not the other way around. We provide free access to over 100,000 music stations and reward our users for time spent listening. We are working on a more equitable business model that aligns interests and rewards listeners while also providing more value to advertisers. Throughout the streaming experience, users can opt-in to complete offers, share information, and engage with sponsored content to earn up to $600 per year.Please check out our Company Profile for more info.

The Design Team

Our mission is to allow people throughout the world to turn data into dollars. Current’s Designers work closely with Product Managers and Engineers to understand where the product needs to go, and then create functional and clear designs that can be built & shipped quickly!We use Sketch, Zeplin, and Figma to create & manage our designs.

Role Expectations

You'll be joining as our second full-time designer, on a total engineering/product/design/QA team of 19 people. We operate in cross-functional product teams, each focused on an area of the product.As a member of our Design team, you'll find yourself...
We are looking for a senior-level UX designer to join the team. We offer a generous salary based on experience and location, which could be anywhere from $50,000 to $90,000 per year.

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