Product and Support Specialist (m/f/d) - remote
Data Virtuality GmbH


SALES QUALIFICATION – You are monitoring the website Intercom chat, communicating to and qualifying the leads, and moving them further into the sales pipeline. Therefore you can qualify prospects by identifying their use cases and educate them. You encourage appropriate prospects to start a free trial of our SaaS product. In case you identify a more complex use case you pass the lead on to our sales team.

TROUBLESHOOTING – You are the primary technical contact for our customers and answer customer requests in in-product Intercom. You are finding the best solutions for upcoming issues. For simple issues, you help the customer directly, for example by only answering small questions. For more complicated cases, you delegate the customer issue to the Operations and Support team in Europe.

SAAS MONITORING - You use the monitoring systems and tools to proactively monitor, identify, and process any incidents by communicating to the customer or fixing the problem or delegate them to the EU team.

SMART. SQL-NATIVE. MULTI-TALENTED ...what you should bring from your professional side

INNOVATIVE. AMBITIOUS. INTERNATIONAL ...what you should bring from your personal side.



Our mission is to enable businesses to leverage the full potential of their data by providing a single source of truth platform to connect and manage all data. Our focus is centered on our customers. To us, this is not just a saying but the motto which guides our everyday life! We want our customers to be able to manage their data in as carefree of a manner as possible, as quickly as possible. For this goal, Data Virtuality faithfully delivers first class service every time

Posted 9 months ago