Full Stack Developer
Decodify.me LLC

Job Type and Pay:

We are looking for a Full Stack Developer (Django+React). Pay will be in accordance with abilities, skills, experience, hustle, leadership, math/bioinformatics knowledge, level of English proficiency and location. 

We do not want to waste your time applying, so please look at these bullet points before applying.

Highly Desired Skills:



About Us:

SelfDecode is a fast-growing biotech startup in the personalized health space. We build software to help interpret peoples’ genetics, lab tests and symptoms in order to give personalized health recommendations.

Our outlook:

We are very selective in our process because we look for a very long-term, full-time partnership with our employees. We try to keep the application process as short as possible, so that we don't waste anyone's time. 

If this is the type of company you want to be a part of, apply now! 

Posted over 2 years ago