VOIP Engineer

Dynata is a leading market research firm which continues to grow as companies, people, organizations, and product owners look to gain additional insight on their products, ideas, and experiences. The vast majority of this work is done online, but we do have (even in 2019!) a substantial and complex telephone interviewing system. As we gear up for the US elections in 2020 and the increased political polling that will come our way, we are looking for a VoIP engineer to join our Engineering Team based in Lehi, UT, to help us modernize, scale, and stabilize our stack. We are particularly interested in your skills in Asterisk, networking, Linux administration, and troubleshooting potential voice issues. We are currently running Asterisk 15 on CentOS 7 in VMWare.

The challenges we face on our stack are complex and unique. This is not a position where you will be configuring PBX or office phone systems. You will be configuring asterisk dial plans, helping modernize architecture on how to scale asterisk systems at load, scripting out processes to help optimize network traffic for voice, configuring systems for call recordings, and the infrastructure behind all of this. We will need you to jump in, analyze, troubleshoot, and produce results for us to allow us to move forward.

 Major requirements

  • Solid understanding and hands on experience in SS7, SIP, RTP/RTCP, Asterisk, Dial Plans, and monitoring systems

  • Experience capturing and reviewing packets and logs to identify problems affecting call quality or call connection

  • Very strong networking background

  • Solid experience in VMware setup, maintenance and optimization

  • Experience working with multiple vendors, including call carriers

  • Feel at home Linux OS at administrator level

  • Strong scripting experience

  • Experience in orchestration, CI/CD pipelines, Git

  • Programming experience helpful (Node, C++, other)

  • Experience working with Session Border Controllers (SBC - specifically Sansay) with multiple vendors, including call carriers on specific tech implementations

 Important fundamentals

  • Analyze project requirements from different parts of the business to come up with solutions with your teammates

  • Able and willing to dig in deep and own the relevant parts of the stack

  • Develop new features and optimize existing ones

  • Automate, test, deploy, monitor, repeat.

  • Be an active participant in discussions about design and architecture

  • Be passionate about technology and quality deliverables

  • Be an advocate for best practices in software development

Posted over 1 year ago