🧐 VueJS developer with UI/UX focus and a keen sense of detail
EasyPractice / Mango Apps

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Headquarters: Copenhagen
URL: https://www.easypractice.net/

About the jobEasyPractice is an easy to use platform for therapists and clinicians. We're digitalizing the daily activities of having a small practice.We're currently working on improving the platform and are looking to add a frontend-developer with a keen eye for UI and UX. About youWe're looking for someone with very strong front-end skills but most importantly someone who knows great UI design when you see it and you know when something isn't up to par. You're very detail-oriented, and if the text in a box is off-center by a pixel you will see it and do everything in your power to fix it. We need someone who can make sure that our system is the easiest system to use on the market. That means you should be good at putting yourself in the place of a user that is not necessarily the most tech-savvy person in the world.The two most important qualities you possess are:
An example of a task you'd be working on could be the following; We want to add the possibility for users to create gift cards for their clients in EasyPractice. Implementing this feature will be handled by a backend-developer (EasyPractice is built in Laravel with PHP), but your role would be to figure out the front-end and UX part of the implementation. That work will include:

About UsEasyPractice was founded back in 2014 in Denmark with the missions of helping practitioners all over the world administrating their practice. Our primary markets are Denmark, Norway, Sweden and England. We're a fully remote company and offer our employees to work from anywhere they'd like. We offer a competitive salary, a focus on making quality and thoughtful contributions over quantity and sharp deadlines. We don't expect you to work more than 40 hours a week and offer paid vacations days each year.We spend most of our time communication in Slack or in our Project Management system (we use Pivotal Tracker). Sometimes we also go on a video-call with each other, but we value uninterrupted time where you can concentrate on your work. We also have an office in Copenhagen where you can work from if you'd like. Once a year we also do a company retreat where we fly everyone to a destination to spend an extended week together.If this sounds like something that might interest you, then write a well-formed e-mail to emil@mangoapps.dk explaining a bit about yourself and why you feel like you're the perfect candidate for the job. You can attach a CV, but we won't read an empty e-mail with only a CV attached, so please spend a couple of minutes writing a bit about yourself in free-form. We really value good writing skills.

To apply: emil@mangoapps.dk

Posted about 3 years ago