Junior/Mid full-stack Developer
Echo Bravo

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Headquarters: Macclesfield
URL: https://tomyates.co.uk

I need help! 👋I have increasingly more work, and with a few large projects booked in next year, I need help getting it delivered.I'm looking for a developer with some experience to join me at Echo Bravo.

  • £28,000 (I will consider part-time too)

  • 28 days holiday + bank holidays

  • Work remotely from anywhere in the UK, or from an office in Macclesfield.

  • Pension enrollment


  • Looking for a good all-rounder however JS most important.

  • Keen to learn and not afraid of trying out new languages or technologies

  • Knowledge of CSS/SCSS and grid layouts / flex box

  • Experience of React or React Native or something similar

  • PHP or other backend experience

  • MySQL or similar

  • Worked with APIs

  • Happy to ask for help.

What will you be working on?

  • iOS and Android apps written in JS, normally React Native or Ionic, but whatever we think is best.

  • Web apps - I've been generally using React, but open minded.

  • Web sites - sometimes plain HTML/CSS. Sometimes Gatsby, and even sometimes in WordPress 😲

  • Interactive Exhibits

  • APIs in Laravel/Express/Other

If you are interested - just send me an email with a bit about yourself.

To apply: hello@tomyates.co.uk

Posted about 1 year ago