Director of Operations for Outdoor Sporting Goods & Accessories E-Commerce Company
Evergreen Supply

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Headquarters: San Juan, Puerto Rico, USA

Hi there -- we're excited to meet you!

Our Company: 

We're a rapidly growing outdoor sporting goods and clothing company. We design, manufacture, market and sell our own brands on We are a market leader in many product categories such as sleeping bags, cots, ski gloves, ski goggles, running gloves, stand up paddles, surfing accessories, headwear and more. 


We’re looking for a highly quantitative, analytical, curious and proactive person to join as our Director of Operations. If those adjectives describe you, and you love going outdoors, this might be a dream job for you. 
You will report directly to the CEO/Founder, a Stanford alum who started this as a surf gear side business in 2011 while working at Google. 

We have treasure troves of data, but we just aren’t using it. As our Director of Operations, you will be responsible for managing revenues and profit, identifying sales issues, managing inventory and providing actionable business recommendations based on our data. Here are several specific ongoing projects you will work on: 

  • Manage profitability across our product lines -- make data-driven decisions on product line expansions and sunsetting (ending) of unsuccessful products

  • Setup systems to track profitability by SKU — we currently have subscriptions with Sellics and, but we still don’t have a full picture of our profitability by SKU

  • Identify new product opportunities based on market size, competition, and adjacency to our existing products and manufacturers

  • Track our product’s keyword rankings on Amazon to understand which searches are driving the most revenue for us on Amazon

  • Understand our customer demographics and what customers are comparing our products to — Amazon provides this data to us.

  • Identify issues before they turn into larger problems. Example: if we have a product whose sales have dropped 25% Y/Y. Why is this happening? Is this a traffic or conversion rate issue?

  • Communicating issues with the Sales & Marketing & Creative teams to solve issues. Example: based on the competition, here are a few ideas on how we can improve conversion rates on this product

  • Optimize conversion rates and traffic across our hundreds of our products on Amazon in a scalable way -- optimization involves product images, videos, title, copywriting and more — anything that a consumer sees on

  • Manage our Inventory Planning & Logistics and improve our warehouse operations with our 3PL: how much to order, when to ship our freight, how much to store at our 3PL (3rd party warehouse). We have over 1000 SKUs (including colors and sizes), so this is no easy task. We have a subscription to, but rarely use this tool.

  • Build our marketing calendar -- know when to promote/discount our products (this will be based upon inventory levels and our bets)

  • Understand how the Amazon ranking algorithm works — the algorithm is an ever-changing black box. However, a basic understanding is necessary to understand how to maximize conversion rates

  • Eventually, provided things go well, this could become more of a General Manager role in 1-2 years

Your Experience at the Company: 

  • You will be the right-hand man/woman of the CEO

  • You will have complete access to everything at the company, including financials, sales performance, and more

  • You must be okay with morning or late evening calls to talk with the team in the Philippines or on the US East Coast

  • You will meet with your teammates 4 times per year in the Philippines. Here's our company structure: 15 in PH, 3 in the US (including CEO), 2 in China 

    • Creative team (4): graphic design, product/packaging design, photo shoots, video shoot speccing 

    • Sales & Marketing (5): listing optimization, keyword research, PPC advertising, display advertising, copywriting, SEO partnerships 

    • Branding & Marketing (1): high-level branding, guidance on product listings 

    • Customer Happiness (3): customer support, handwritten letters to customers 

    • Development (2): automating processes, scraping data, providing data-driven insights 

    • Business Analyst (1): sales analysis, inventory management 

    • China team (2): sourcing, manufacturing, quality control, vendor management, logistics

Traits / Experience We're Looking for: 

  • Extremely proactive and communicative

  • Extremely quantitative and analytical: amazing with Excel, possible experience with other data analysis tools like Tableau or 

  • Curious and eager to learn 

  • Friendly and personable, yet firm and able to keep others accountable 

  • Operations experience a multi-million dollar revenue business 

  • Experience in Amazon, e-commerce, digital marketing (SEO/SEM), manufacturing/supply chain, operations is a huge plus 

  • Knowledge of Agile/Scrum and Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) as those are the systems we use 

  • Hard working: Must be willing and able to work up to 60 hours per week occasionally

  • Travel: will travel to the Philippines 4x per year for our quarterly Get Togethers. You might also travel to Puerto Rico and locations across the US to attend conferences. You may also take trips to China to visit/understand our manufacturing and supply chain operations

Salary & Benefits: 

  • Pay: $4000+ USD per month depending on experience and skills with 10% year-end target bonus

  • Employer-reimbursed health insurance up to $200 per month

  • 21 days paid time off

  • Remote work, no commute: work from the comfort of your home, local coffee shop or resort.  Fast, reliable internet is an absolute must.

  • References: 3-5 necessary

Interested?If you're interested in this job, please send us the following information:

  • Your favorite business books and podcasts 

  • Your favorite outdoors activity/sport and your most memorable outdoors trip 

  • How we can improve our existing listings on Amazon based on e-commerce conversion rate best practices -- see company URL 

  • Your experiences (written, video, audio) about how your past experiences have prepared you for the responsibilities of this job 

  • Resume including 3-5 references

We look forward to hearing from you!

To apply:

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