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Headquarters: San Francisco, CA

ABOUT FARMSTEADOur mission at Farmstead is to make fresh, high-quality food accessible to everyone. We’re a new delivery-only grocer that’s re-inventing grocery from the ground up. We focus on mid-market customers (think Safeway, Kroger, etc) and bring them a best-in-class grocery product experience right to their doorsteps, even in areas traditionally underserved by supermarket chains. We accomplish this by writing consumer-facing and operations orchestration code that allows us to be highly efficient relative to legacy supermarkets. AS OF MARCH 2020 WE ARE SEEING UNPRECEDENTED DEMAND FOR GROCERY DELIVERY AS CUSTOMERS SEEK TO STAY HOME AND AVOID COVID-19. We are growing explosively and because of our small team, we are ready to hand over huge chunks of responsibility to smart, reliable people who get things done.

ABOUT YOUYou are an accomplished Designer with experience building beautiful, mobile-first digital products. As the first Designer at Farmstead, you will define our visual language and advocate for design across the company and in many formats - consumer product, photography, print, and ads. You appreciate the trade-off between perfect polish and execution speed and help make sure that we ship quickly while maintaining a high bar for quality.You’ve worked on early-stage startups before, and you’re willing to develop an appreciation for how the business works and how the designs you ship directly impact our KPIs. You know that sometimes the most beautifully designed features don’t solve the intended problem right away. You’re patient when you have to start again with the insights you’ve gained from a test, because you realize that building a world-class product takes time and many (many) iterations.You will work closely with the Farmstead Product team to create high-fidelity mocks and you like to share them early and often. You take and receive feedback in a considerate way, but you also know when to stick with your ideas. You communicate well with Engineering to make sure that your designs are executed correctly down to the pixel, across multiple device sizes.You’re a self-starter who’s able to dig in and understand how we can improve design across every area of the company. You like getting to know your teammates and you’re thoughtful about how your designs directly impact their day-to-day. You have a high bandwidth and can manage projects across multiple departments without losing your cool if unexpected setbacks arise. REQUIREMENTS
Please send your portfolio along with your resume while applying.

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