QA Engineer (gherkin, selenium, requirements analysis, QA metrics)
FineTune Learning

FineTune is seeking a rigorous and detail oriented QA engineer for our AP and Pre-AP software product.   You must reside in the US to apply.  We are a fully distributed and international team though 1/3 of us are in Boston Metro area.  S/he will have the opportunity to work on mission critical software that will impact 3-5 million students in 2019. 

If you are highly technical and care about maintaining up to date test repository, agile process and communication around test runs and results, getting ahead of software development and defining clear acceptance criteria, comprehensive test cases for repeatable test runs and extremely interested in reliable software development, this is the right job for you.  You must be well versed in requirements gathering, extremely detailed in the organization of test scenarios and test runs while loving to run and report on various selenium based testing, load testing (Python Locust), api testing, data driven testing.  You must feel comfortable with SQL and understand test driven development (TDD) and behavior driven development (BDD).  You must have worked in QA'ing at least 1 production released software that served at least 10K+ users.  S/he will be working with our development team, product owners, designers and increase the quality of the software so that we may serve 3 million+ users in 2019.


  • Proven experience in understanding complex user needs with multiple stakeholders

  • Proven examples of generated detailed requirements documentation, acceptance criterias, test scenarios, test runs and sprint bug reports

  • Extremely metric oriented and strive for repeatability across the QA team

  • 3+ years of QA experience

  • 3+ years experience with API testing, UI testing, end to end testing and various types of manual testing.

  • 3+ years experience QA’ing high-availability enterprise software a plus

  • 3+ years experience with Databases (SQL or noSQL) to manipulate, load and delete test data

  • Experience with Selenium testing and rigorously combining automated and manual testing striving for 100% use case coverage

  • Fearlessly diving into SQL or log analysis

  • Ability to clearly document bugs, screen shots, console logs and bug replication steps so developers can rapidly fix bugs

  • Always updating test scenarios and test runs with latest requirements and acceptance criteria

  • Educating developers on past bugs so that they can decrease mistakes in future

  • Ability to communicate with devs in technical terms on browser exceptions, API errors, HTTP status codes and application latency

  • Understanding of load testing is a plus

  • Experience with apache bench is a plus

  • Python based automation is a plus

  • Strong Agile Process Experience

  • Experience with continuous integration, test driven development, behavior driven development

  • Ability to dive deep into technical issues and identify whether a bug is front end or back end related

  • Strong verbal and written communication skills

  • Comfortable with github and merging pull requests

  • Experience in debugging performance issues in docker, kubernetes and AWS ECS containers is a plus

  • Experience in debugging performance issues with javascript and reactjs or other SPA architecture a plus

  • Desire to continuously, learn, improve and apply new technologies that will increase operational efficiency and effectiveness

  • BS/MS in Computer Science or equivalent a plus

As we prepare for rapid business growth from here, FineTune Learning is seeking to hire a QA Engineer who have worked in at least 1 production released software/web/mobile products.  We are looking for people who have strong motivation to grow startup companies, who is agile and continuously improving themselves while having an opinion for great software components and services with great attention to detail in delivering reliable software that is well tested according to user expectations.

Posted about 1 year ago