Senior Ruby on Rails Developer

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Headquarters: Boulder, CO

Responsibilities of the Job - The Opportunity
We’re looking for an exceptional Ruby on Rails developer to join our engineering team.  As an engineer at FlexJobs you’ll work on challenging projects in collaboration with our Product and Quality Assurance teams to build, release, and maintain features for our user base.
Our team moves quickly and the ideal candidate will be comfortable working independently and at a fast pace, while also being adept at collaborating in a 100% remote environment.
Your Experience

Traits Required of All Team Members, You, Included
Other Requirements
How to Apply
If this job description makes you feel as if it was written perfectly for you, then please apply! What we'll need:

  1. An intro email/cover letter telling us why you want to work for FlexJobs (v. another company)

  2. What makes you a great fit for this position

  3. What hourly rate (based on a full-time, hourly schedule) you would be comfortable with

  4. A completed Pairin assessment

  5. A current resume in .doc, .docx, .pdf, .markdown, or .txt.

Applications can be sent to

If you are selected to move forward, you may be required to do a background check.

FlexJobs is an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate and support diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive work environment for all employees. As a part of this commitment, we have pledged to be an Open to All business.

FlexJobs is also a veteran- and military spouse-friendly employer. Our positions are perfectly structured for qualified candidates who meet this criterion and we have a workplace culture that supports their work and life.

To apply:

Posted about 3 years ago