Senior WordPress Developer

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Headquarters: Toronto, Ontario

If you’re looking for an opportunity to combine your natural creativity, leadership and problem solving skills with your love of clean code and WordPress, then this might be the position for you.
General Skills

  • Code isn’t just poetry, it’s love

  • You love GIT (when you fork, it’s not just food)

  • You’ve worked with teams in a scrum or agile environment

  • You love clean, standardized code

  • You understand the need for highly performant websites and what to measure.

Code & Tools

  • You tinker with build systems like Gulp, Grunt and generally love automation

  • You understand deployment processes and automated integration tests. It's possibly you've had some experience with tools such as Strider-CD, CircleCI, or Jenkins

  • You have the urge to convert CSS to SASS.

  • You have experience with Bootstrap and other various JavaScript frameworks (e.g. jQuery, React, Backbone).


  • You use filters and hooks to manipulate WordPress and don’t mix logic with templates unnecessarily.

  • You're an enqueue'ing ninja and know how to properly register and enqueue assets within your plugins and themes.

  • You've written plugins, and you practice DRY (don't repeat yourself) and KISS (keep it simple, stupid).

  • You’ve looked into WordPress Core and have a solid understanding of how the stack functions. 

  • You are confident that when you see a WSOD (white screen of death) you know where to start debugging.

  • You’ve dealt with WordPress websites that don’t perform up to par and crash servers under heavy load.

  • You know what it means to profile a PHP app

  • You're familiar with WordPress the database structure and could update a post and its metadata without the UI.


  • You don’t mind communicating with clients and are willing to work directly with them if necessary.

  • You have a good understanding of user experience both on the front end and back end

To apply:

Posted 11 months ago