Engineering Manager, Developer Platform Team

The Role

The Developer Platform Team is part of our Platform Engineering group. Our team mission is “Make FreeAgent developers super-productive" The engineering teams are our customers. Productive, happy coders with great tools write great code and deploy daily adding constant visible value to our business. We aim to keep them that way.

We provide the CI/CD capability and developer tooling that enables our engineers to build, test and deploy quickly. We're also helping migrate FreeAgent to AWS, to an exciting container-driven future.

We’re looking for a team lead with a passion for CI/CD, Ruby software engineering, DevOps and knowledge of AWS Cloud Computing.

Your typical week will involve:

Technologies we use: Ruby, Rails, RSpec, Javascript, MySQL, AWS, Terraform, Jenkins, ECS, Docker, Linux

Apps we use: GitHub, Trello, G Suite, Notion, Miro, Humio


We look for:

Posted over 3 years ago