Senior/Principal Cloud Engineer (Remote in UK)

The Role

Are you a cloud computing, infrastructure-as-code, and automation enthusiast? Do you want to work with a massively increasing portfolio of cloud technologies, as part of a growing progressive organisation? Can you help us grow with best-of-breed open source tools and fully managed AWS services, and join us in embracing state-of-the-art cloud best practices?

We need engineers with passion and knowledge of AWS Cloud Computing and a modern approach to infrastructure automation. We want people familiar with cloud native approaches and container technology, who have a constant desire to keep learning and who have real hands-on experience.

FreeAgent is undergoing a re-engineering project to move into AWS. This is an opportunity to join us at an early stage and be part of design, transition and adoption conversations and really make an impact.

Key skills and technologies: AWS, ECS, Docker, Linux, Lambda, CloudWatch, RDS & Aurora, SageMaker


We look for:

  • Experience building and supporting production services using AWS.

  • Infrastructure automation experience. We’ve used Puppet in our on-premise environment, and are re-imagining our automation for the cloud using Terraform, Packer, and Docker.

  • Problem solving and performance optimisation in a cloud environment. Highly distributed, scalable services bring unique challenges and we’ll be exploring state-of-the-art solutions to diagnose things that fail or slow down.

  • Production experience managing relational databases. We run MySQL and have databases with hundreds of millions of rows, perform routine online schema changes and periodic DR tests. You’ll help us to maintain that high standard as we migrate.

  • Knowledge of cloud design patterns, and architectures and debugging. We adopt a multi-account, multi-VPC strategy for maximum isolation between different services and separation of operational responsibility.

  • Communications skills - we're all constantly learning and like to encourage the sharing of knowledge across our engineering team

  • Security awareness - you understand the importance of security best practices and know how to establish a robust set of defences

Posted 11 months ago