Senior Developer
Gower Street Analytics

Headquarters: London, UK

Gower Street Analytics is a well-funded growing startup doing predictive analytics and data science in the movie business. We have contracts with major movie studios that are household names. We believe in improving transparency and collaboration within the film industry, and helping companies make data-driven booking and logistical decisions. We're growing the development team, so we're looking for one senior developer with at least 5 years experience to join our team.
We code in a range of languages, including Clojure, ClojureScript, Python, R, Bash and JavaScript. We use Postgres and S3 for persistence, and host a range of web services and APIs with Docker, Terraform and AWS.
We are a remote-first organisation, and the Development, Data Science and Product teams work all over the UK. We also have an office in Central London that you are welcome to work from whenever you wish to.Here’s what you might expect on joining the tech team:
Within your first month
Within your first three months

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