Software Engineer Research (Machine Learning)
GrammaTech, Inc.


Exciting opportunity to work on significantly advancing the state-of-the-art in cybersecurity tools! Our effort is addressing an outstanding software security hole, through novel applications of machine learning. 

 We have offices in Ithaca, NY, Bethesda, MD, and Madison, WI — but will consider remote employees when there is a strong match of skills and experience.


Under guidance of a principal investigator (PI), a software engineer on a research project will implement innovative prototypes to explore new approaches to problems in software security. A research-oriented software engineer is expected to:

  • Study and implement approaches drawn from academic literature or in-house design.

  • Evaluate the resulting prototype implementation to test its value in addressing the research goals.

  • Report results to the PI and respond by adapting the prototype to better address research goals.

  • Contribute to presentations and written reports that keep research sponsors up to date on project progress.

  • Prepare prototypes for demonstrations and evaluations by research sponsors.



  • BS in Computer Science or equivalent. 

  • Three (3) years or more of industry experience.

  • Significant experience with applying machine learning techniques such as artificial neural networks, support vector machines, and cluster analysis to different problem domains.

  • Experience with implementing robust software using open source machine learning frameworks such as keras, scikit-learn, gensim. Such experience is expected to be in projects that are beyond standard coursework.

  • Ability to read advanced machine learning publications, and to judge and implement the key ideas.

  • Advanced software application development skills in Python and C++. 

  • Thorough understanding of data structures and algorithms.


  • MS or PhD in Computer Science. 

  • Experience with machine code (x86, x64, ARM).

  • Knowledge of the cybersecurity domain.

  • Knowledge of containerization, orchestration, and deployment (docker, Kubernetes, AWS).

Posted about 1 year ago