Senior Support Engineer
Gravity Wiz

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Headquarters: Chesapeake, VA

Gravity Wiz is hiring a senior support engineer to provide customers with marvelously magical support.

We have an expansive selection of add-ons, snippets, and tutorials that enable our customers to do some legitimately magical things with Gravity Forms. 
Your job will be to keep the magic alive when our customers encounter bugs or experience theme/plugin conflicts with our products. Be prepared to cast powerful bug-squashing spells and write potent unit and acceptance tests to make sure your spells stick.
We are serious about customer support. Sorcerously serious. This is a full-time position preceded by a two (2) month probationary period. We're offering a 60k salary, 21 days of paid time off, and a performance-based raise system. Hours aren't rigid but our primary coverage window is between 10am and 6pm EST. 
Our ideal wizard (candidate?) is an efficient, detail-oriented troubleshooter. If you're also a dependable, friendly communicator who writes English masterfully, muy bueno! You will need to be a true PHP and JS wizard with strong HTML and CSS skills. Don’t be fooled by our playful demeanor. Your support journey will be challenging and require mastery of the developer arts.
More than anything, be eager to learn. Master our products and help us make them better with the invaluable feedback you will gain working so closely with our customers. We're a small team and you will be a big part of it.
We can't wait to meet you!

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